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Hello and welcome, I'd like to introduce myself, my name's Kyle! This is will have reviews, custom stuff as time goes on, I'm new to all of this so I'd like my ideas to flurish :)

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Quick update

Starting to talk about cryptocurrency and how each one differs from one another! More people need to be educated on the pros and cons of...

It's tough

It's definitely tough starting something new, that's what dealing with on the blogging! Not entirely sure what I'm doing, so I discourage...

Fun on a snowy day

So it's the day after getting some snow, off from work thinking what could I do with my day surely there's something fun i could like...


I'll start posting reviews on here shortly 😃 as I make purchases over time I'd love to express my experiences with products I've...

What it's all about

This will be an ever evolving personal blog that I'll be sharing my thoughts and opinions on all sorts of subject matter from movies,...

The first step

This is my personal experience with trying to take control of my own future, I'm creating this site as my first attempt at opening a form...



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